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The Fraternal Order of Eagles,
are making a $25 million contribution over five years ($5 million per year) with all the Eagle money donated funding research - not bricks and mortar. The University of Iowa has committed the cost of construction, ongoing maintenance and operations.

DRC Dedication

Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center

Officially Opens Its Doors

IOWA CITY, Iowa - The University of Iowa has opened a new research lab for Diabetes. University officials including President Sally Mason cut the ribbon to the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center on Friday, August 22.


The 20,000 square foot facility holds advanced research space and medical equipment. The University of Iowa says 100 researchers will work in the space to find treatments and cures for Diabetes.


The Fraternal Order of Eagles helped fund the Center.


A famous entertainer and member of the order, Tony Orlando, says diabetes has touched his own life. Orlando says his mother died from diabetes. He says he’s excited to see the work this facility will do in the future,


“To come here and to know that the amazing work that will be done for the future of diabetics will come right from this University. It’s exciting to be part of it,” said Orlando at the ribbon cutting ceremony.


The Fraternal Order of the Eagles raised $25 Million to help build the center.


Diabetic Research Center Dedication


IOWA CITY, Iowa — The University of Iowa dedicated a new $25 million diabetes research center Saturday.


The Fraternal Order of the Eagles funded the project.


It will have 20,000 square feet of cutting-edge medical equipment to help with research.


UI president Sally Mason said the goal of the facility is to find a cure for diabetes.


“We’ve come a long way since the days when we discovered insulin was really at the root cause of diabetes. To now, where we actually have good treatments for this disease. The next step and the most important step will be to cure this disease,” Mason said.


University researchers say more than 9 percent of Americans are impacted by diabetes.

Actor/Comedian Tom Parks and the Fraternal Order of Eagles

April 1, 2011 at 8:26am on KCJJ RAW

Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center Recognition Recipients Announced

Throughout the last six years, Eagles have donated nearly $25 million and countless hours of their time to turn our dream to establish the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center into a reality. Without your hard work and passion, we would not be where we are today. Inside the walls of the DRC are 21 conference rooms/offices which will now proudly bear the name of the Regions, States/Provinces, Aeries/Auxiliaries and other entities that played the most significant role in helping us achieve our goal. These recognition recipients are as follows:

• F.O.E. Grand Auxiliary Funeral Benefit Fund, Large Conference Room (Room 3385), Largest Donor

• F.O.E. Memorial Foundation, Secretary/Waiting Room (Room 4312), #2 Largest Donor

• F.O.E. Charity Foundation, Director's Office (Room 4314), #3 Largest Donor

• South Central Region, Admin Office (Room 3338), #1 Region Per-Capita

• Mid-Atlantic Region, Faculty Office (Room 3336), #2 Region Per-Capita

• New England Region, Post-Doctoral Office (Room 3334), #3 Region Per-Capita

• Four Corners Region, Faculty Office (Room 3332), #4 Region Per-Capita

• Western Region, Faculty Office (Room 3330), #5 Region Per-Capita

• Georgia State Aerie/Auxiliary, Post-Doctoral Office (Room 3328), #1 State/Province Per-Capita

• New Mexico State Aerie/Auxiliary, Faculty Office (Room 3326), #2 State/Province Per-Capita

• Nevada State Aerie/Auxiliary, Flex Office (Room 3324), #3 State/Province Per-Capita

• Wyoming State Aerie/Auxiliary, Faculty Office (Room 3322), #4 State/Province Per-Capita

• Kansas State Aerie/Auxiliary, Post-Doctoral Office (Room 3320), #5 State/Province Per-Capita

• Vermont State Aerie/Auxiliary, Faculty Office (Room 3318), #6 State/Province Per-Capita

• Alaska State Aerie/Auxiliary, Flex Office (Room 3316), #7 State/Province Per-Capita

• New Hampshire State Aerie/Auxiliary, Administrative Office (Room 3314), #8 State/Province Per-Capita

• MINK Conference, Small Conference Room (Room 3312), Largest Conference Donor

• Fredericksburg, VA Aerie #4123, Administrative Office (Room 4318), #1 Aerie Total Donations

• Iowa City, IA Aerie #695, Faculty Office (Room 4320), #2 Aerie Total Donations

• Alamogordo, NM Auxiliary #4101, Faculty Office (Room 4322), #1 Auxiliary Total Donations

Marceline, MO Auxiliary #726, Faculty Office (Room 4324), #2 Auxiliary Total Donations


Eagles donates $5 million to University of Iowa

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