2017-2018 State Convention

Presidents: Jack Henninger, Waterloo and Debbie Gilson, Cedar Rapids

If your auxiliary needs an application, email Denise George at snoopy21561@yahoo.com put in subject line "Super Hero" along with your email and she will make sure you are sent one. We would like to see ALL auxiliaries recognize a Super Hero.


You can also download the application here to mail into Denise.


Deb Parks of Burlington Auxiliary #150

For always stepping up to help! She works

tirelessly year round, collecting and spending

much of her own time and money giving to the

kids Carnival, Halloween, Christmas and Easter.


Shirley Fry of Albia #3583

She has restarted her Taco Tuesday’s along with her famous Texas Tacos. This has brought a boost to the club. She works hard and gives of her wisdom and knowledge to help. She is loved by all.


Velma DeWitt, Oskaloosa Auxiliary #276

She is one of the oldest members. When she is

not able to help with our dinners, she is always

donating to them, as well for funeral dinners.

She was treasurer for many years and is always in attendance to meeting unless ill.


Vicky Stephens, Centerville Auxiliary #2675

She works tirelessly, putting in many long hours

to ensure our books and information is correct. Is always asking questions and helping to educate all of us on changes. Is always participating in state charity night, benefits, dinners and community organizations. She is positive, helpful, encouraging, and supportive. She always has a smile to give away.





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